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How to Get Paid for Recycling Your Old Unwanted Goods

If you recycle, you probably feel good about yourself and what you are doing for the planet every time you stash boxes, bottles, and plastic in the recycling bin or give old clothes to your favorite charity.

All of this stays out of the landfill.

Recycling is good, but getting paid to recycle is even better. But you can’t get paid to recycle just any old thing.

Electronics are where it’s at when it comes to getting some green for keeping the Earth green.

1. Best Buy

Computer Repair Shop. A woman using an electronic screwdriver tool on a computer circuit board.

Mint Images / Getty Images
You can recycle all kinds of electronics at Best Buy, no matter how old they are, who made them, or where you bought them. If they have value, you can trade in your old electronics–cell phones, tablets, computers, GPS units, and more–and score a Best Buy gift card.

Use the trade-in calculator on the website to find out if your item has any value and if so, how much your gift card will be.

2. Gazelle

Sell your old electronics (calculators, camcorders, and everything in between) to Gazelle, and they’ll give you cash.

Gazelle has kiosks at many stores and malls, where you can make the transaction. Or you can do it on the Gazelle website.

3. SellCell

Pull out all of those old cell phones and tablets that are cluttering up your drawers and your house and plug their info into

Sellcell will compare prices at all the top cell buyers and show you who’s willing to pay you the most. After you choose your buyer, you ship your device off and wait to get paid via the agreed-upon method. So easy!

4. You Renew

At, you can recycle just about any electronics, but if what you want to get rid of has value, YouRenew will send you a check if it passes its inspection.

You can ship devices that have value for free to YouRenew and then wait for your payment for your old stuff.

5. Local Recycling Centers

Recycling aluminum cans and scrap metal can bring in a fair amount of money in large volumes. To find a paying recycling center in your area, just check online.

These are all local centers, and you must actually take the cans to the recyclers. What you can get for the cans varies, but this is a low-return item per piece.

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