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A little about us…

Welcome to Find A Contractor Ottawa!

As a contractor myself, I have had great opportunities to meet such incredible homeowners, contractors and extended businesses and services here in Ottawa.  The more conversations I had the more I realized the similarities about the content of our chats.

Homeowners were wishing that there was an easier way to find contractors and services for their needs.  They felt the process was very intimidating, risky and they didn't have references they could trust.  The "stigma" that all contractors were bad was preventing them from even pursuing renovations, and even dealing with some connected services like movers, real estate agents etc was daunting.

Contractors  and connected services would express how hard and sometimes confusing it was to advertise their businesses, whether it was finding an affordable method of advertising or finding time away from their schedules to even look.

Another interesting fact was businesses wanted to network and communicate with one another but as mentioned before to find time was difficult. 

Why not have a platform that is available all the time, accessed when businesses and homeowners have time and is convenient for them? Let's be realistic, we all have obligations, families, loved ones, health issues, financial restraints, struggles that are encountered daily aside from our "work life".


 Find a Contractor Ottawa IS that platform!



find a contractor ottawa is here to help!

We value your input and we’re building a community together.

If you have questions or feedback, drop us a line.

If you are a business and you are interested in one of the promotions, send us a message.

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