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Roof of Steel (ROS)

Roof of Steel (ROS)

Antonia Bos


Roofs of Steel is a Canadian-owned metal roofing company based out of the Ottawa area. We pride ourselves on providing a top-quality product with expert installation and superior customer service. Roofs of Steel outperforms other deck mounted steel roofs because our system uses sliding tornado clips that interlock with the panels. This allows the panels to expand and contract without it moving the clips or the screws that are used to attach them. This means that those screws will not be wiggled loose, and therefor do not need maintenance.

The famous Kynar500 finish used, is the highest quality in the industry – easily outperforming other paints. These are only the highlights. Our current extreme weather patterns and increased UV are particularly difficult on roofs, because they are exposed more than any other surface. Roofs also protect the rest of your home from this extreme weather. 

Asphalt shingle, fibre glass, and regular metal roofs simply no longer stand up to this abuse.


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We serve the following areas:

  • Ottawa & Surrounding Areas



Customer’s Comments

Roofs of Steel did our roof this summer. The team is hard working, knowledgeable, efficient and the price is right!
I would highly recommend their services.
So far this is our first winter with our new roof and it is amazing. Snow falls right off unlike when we had shingles (had to go up every year to take the snow down).
If your looking for a reliable maintenance free roof, Roofs of Steel is your go to!
Thanks again Roofs of Steel and team


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