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Extreme Concrete

Extreme Concrete

Wayne Kleinsteuber


CONCRETE: Concrete is the world’s #1 most used building material and for good reason – it’s strong, versatile, cost effective, and it looks great.  Extend or replace your driveway, create a path or sidewalk, use it as your garage floor, or even support your heavy hot tub, this solid material is key to the way we use our properties.  Multiple types of finish available such as standard broomed, swirled, smooth, polished, exposed aggregate, its makes a solid choice for a solid surface

STAMPED CONCRETE: Take concrete to a whole new level with a stamped surface for your sidewalk, driveway, or patio. We use specially designed stamping templates and detailed colouring mixed in with the concrete or applied as a pigment on top before finishing, to give your basic standard concrete the look of an expensive and natural type surface.  Stamped concrete can be broken into five basic pattern types: Brick, Stone, Slate, Wood and Texture. These are just the starting points and basic categories, but using these as a reference will help you narrow which patterns to look at first.

INTERLOCK: Interlocking pavers are most commonly made from cement or concrete, and tend to simulate the effects of cobblestone pathways. Interlocking pavers connect together through the use of sand, and can cover any patio, decking, driveway or walkway.  Interlock offers you the ability to create unlimited design and function capabilities, and although they require a larger amount of skilled and intensive labor and a higher budget, they last for 50+ years or more. Interlock truly can make your surface stand out with high quality, and super unique stones available in hundreds of shapes, colors, and possibilities.

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Customer’s Comments

What a pleasure it was to do business with Wayne of Extreme Concrete! Wayne was highly professional, made constant contact with us from the first phone call, throughout the project, and even after our patio was completed. From the very beginning, it was obvious to us that our complete satisfaction was of the utmost importance. We would highly recommend Extreme Concrete, as it seems these days it is difficult to find a company that takes pride in their work, and whose goal is to have their customers completely satisfied.

Korri T


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