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Here at FindaCo we strive to build a community with top businesses.  We invite small or large connected services and value and respect your daily hussle and knowledge.  It’s not about the quanity here, instead about the quality!

If you feel you would like to be part of this kind of community – here are reasons below why we think you will love being a private member!

To offer greater convience and flexibility we are accepting payment either by credit card or  by way of e-transfer!

Cost of annual membership is only $120 cdn.

Credit Card

Offers you instant access to the website, forum and you can start updating your profile for the member directory immediately!


Your access will be pending until your eTransfer has been received and your membership gets activated.  You will then have access to the website, forum and you can start updating your profile for the member directory.

features we know you will love

  • The “Find a Pro” database is accessed by EVERYONE from EVERY page in the site
  • Well organized site helps drive customers to find you easily
  • Promote your business with our various promo opportunities
  • Post your new business features, videos and blogs
  • Access an open network to interact, contribute and build relationships with prospective customers and connected services
  • Ask fellow connected services and other contractors advice and share feedback
  • Grow your business network and support system
  • Each connected service has a page dedicated to their category type
  • There are a variety of Connected Services from real estate, finance, insurance, moving, organizing, design/decorate, security & safety, vehicle, cleaning, legal, and health & wellness.

not convinced? This is what your fellow businesses are saying

This is what other connected services have to say…

“Find a Contractor Ottawa is an excellent link between industry professionals and potential clients.  It is a valuable resource for contractors, who are able to showcase their work, network with other professionals, share employment opportunities and discuss pertinent information with one another.  Clients can also directly engage with contractors without pressure, while they find the right match for their future renovation! Excellent site.”

Kyla C

“I am a Realtor and I can’t say enough what a fantastic site Find a Contractor Ottawa is! I have networked and done business with many in this site who have not only helped me grow my business but they are incredible people as well.  Find a Contractor Ottawa ROCKS!”

Sean S

” It is a great avenue for us to advertise and give the public easy access to our very own talented contractors and other business right here in Ottawa. 

Dee TS