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Entrepreneurs seek to help flood victims in need of home renovations

A couple is providing flood victims with contractors and materials to help rebuild homes
Business owners Tina Arvanitis and her partner Brian Horvath, are looking for uninsured flood victims to help by providing them with building materials and contractors to help renovate their homes.

Arvanitis says she felt compelled to do something to help flood victims, after seeing TV coverage of the natural disaster last spring.

“I was thinking of the people that are uninsured. I thought, ‘Well what’s going to happen to them?’ and my partner said, ‘Why don’t we do a fundraiser concert to raise money?’”

On June 15 and 16, they held their first fundraiser and have since continued to raise funds through garage sales, raffles and corporate donations.

Arvanitis, who’s original savings goal was $5000, says getting more than halfway there wouldn’t have been possible without help from the community.


“They all came together and said, ‘Hey! Come and pick up these items. I stuff you can use for your garage sales to make money!,’ says the entrepreneur, “They all were amazing. Rockland, Cumberland, Clarence and Orleans… They all came together and we were able to raise about $3500 to cover the cost for materials.”

In addition to this, the pair is also reaching out to businesses, volunteers and contractors interested in donating their time, skills or even construction supplies to help with repairs.

Now, Arvanitis and her partner are going through applications to determine which families to help first. Doing this requires them to visit and inspect homes, something she says is time consuming. To help make things easier, the pair is asking those in need of assistance come forward.

“What we’re trying to do is connect people whether its businesses networking or fundraising and helping the community rebuild itself. Cause if we help each other then we grow [from it] too.”

For more on the Find a Contractor Ottawa Flood Aftermath Relief initiative, visit their Facebook page.

Tina Arvanitis Owner of Find a Contractor Ottawa with partner Brian Horvath Creative/ Comunications hosting the Flood Relief Initiative

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