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9 Home Renovation Projects You Should Do in the Fall

Have you been itching to improve your deck space or paint your home’s exterior, but couldn’t fathom trying to do it in the summer when the humidity was in full swing and the thermostat stuck on sweltering? The cooler fall temperatures are the perfect chance for you to take care of some home improvement projects on your Hamilton condo, Toronto townhouse, or suburban dream home without having to resort to guzzling Gatorade to replace your electrolytes.

Here are nine projects that are perfect to tackle before the snow starts falling:

Improve your deck (or build one!)
If you don’t have a deck, now is a great time to build one. If you do, there are all sorts of things you can do to make sure that you’ll be able to enjoy it even more next summer. You might decide to expand it, resurface or seal it to protect it from the elements, add lighting, a roof for winter BBQing or to protect against rain, outdoor heating, an outdoor sound system, or even a cool outdoor fireplace. The options are only limited by your imagination… and budget.

Repair your roof
While not as exciting as adding an outdoor sound system or a pergola to your deck, inspecting and repairing your roof is a critical fall renovation project. The last thing you want is for ice or snow to leak through and cause thousands of dollars-worth of damage to your home. Inspect your roof and book professional roofers to come fix any spots that need attention.

Optimized your windows
Window maintenance might seem like a boring renovation project, but you’ll appreciate it when you’re nice and cozy indoors when the temperatures plunge. Consider upgrading your windows to more energy efficient ones and you could also save on your utility bills. Don’t need new windows? You might want to check for drafts and add sealants to make sure your home is sealed up tight against the winter air.

Upgrade to a smart home
To keep huge utility bills at bay and bring your home into the 21rst century, you might want to upgrade your place to a smart home with tech like a thermostat linked to your phone that you can program like the Nest thermostat, or a tank-less water heater. Computer controlled lighting systems and keyless entry on your doors might also be on your ‘To Do’ list. Since winter is a time when power bills soar, fall is the perfect opportunity to also upgrade appliances to more energy efficient options.

A new coat of paint
Everything looks different with a little paint. While many people think that painting in the summer is the best time, its actually easier to paint in fall because it’s not too hot out and the paint will dry better in cooler and less humid conditions. Paint your interiors now before it gets too cold to leave your windows open to let the paint dry and paint exteriors before the snow starts falling down!

Do some landscaping
Most people think that landscaping is something that you focus on more in the spring or summer, but fall is also a great time to get some critical landscaping projects done. You might decide to cut back or take out some trees or bushes, construct raised beds, or plant in preparation for spring. A few little tweaks could make your rundown yard look like a Taj Mahal.

Update your insulation
If your home is drafty, you might want to add more insolation to various areas to keep it warm. Those include places like around doors and windows. You might also need to insulate exposed pipes that are at risk of freezing and potentially bursting over the winter.

Replace your siding
Don’t like your siding? Or maybe your siding is rotting and needs to be completely replaced or fixed? The fall is a great time to change up or fix your siding since it’s neither too cold nor too hot to work outside. While you might think changing or installing siding is simple, you would be better off calling a professional because you don’t want to interfere with your home’s envelope. That could lead to problems with moisture or mold.

Clean your vents and ducts
If you’re like many homeowners, you likely forget the importance of cleaning your vents, furnace, and ducts. But dust, allergens and dirt can build up in them which will be dispersed into your home when you turn on your heating system. Call in a professional to do it for you.

Get Started!
You would probably rather sit inside near the fireplace while sipping cocoa and a pumpkin spice latte, but you’ll have all winter to do that! Get those renovation projects accomplished now before the weather takes a turn for the worst and the only way you can stand to be outside is with 20 layers and a parka on.


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