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5 Best Reasons to Declutter

Most of can agree that our homes could use less clutter, but making the time to declutter is a little like getting to the end of the rainbow.

Here are the five best reasons to declutter that will make your life greatly better in all kinds of ways.


Clean Space, Clear Mind
We all know that feeling when you look around a room and it’s just visual chaos, with clothes hanging here and there, papers, gadgets, kids toys, dishes, and so on. You can feel the stress welling up just reading this and visualizing it right? Well a study conducted by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, says having multiple visual stimuli within your range of view results in those stimuli fighting for neural representation in your brain and restrict icing your ability to focus. Basically, the more clutter you can see, the more easily you’ll find yourself distracted. It’s a little like when you approach an intersection when everyone gets there at the same time. Your brain is literally being presented with too many options at once, the result? Chaos and stress! When everything has it’s own place, your brain has way less to process and your mind is clearer, more peaceful, less stressed.

Less Work, More Life
Once you have reached the point where your home is organized you don’t need to have those long days where you commit to the purge, the hours of laundry, organizing, arguing over what goes where etc. Once your home is properly decluttered cleanups are a snap, it’s a much more maintenance kind of thing. This gives you time do what you really want, hitting the gym, date night, the beach, you get the idea. Doesn’t that sound infinitely better?

Saving Money
No one needs to be convinced of the idea that having more dough go in your pocket than out is a good thing. Well a cluttered house is also a financial drain. A disorganized fridge is frustrating and the most common source of food waste. Food waste results in buying more, and more often. The same goes for clothing, kids toys and so on. With the extra free time previously mentioned having a little more money to do what you really want is a win win!

Better Never Than Late
You read that right. Getting up to a cluttered house is a recipe for morning stress. Whether you are trying to get kids out the door or just getting off to work there is nothing worse than a busy start to the day filled with confusion, inability to find stuff and eating up precious minutes. I think everyone has been late one time or another from morning like this. A well decluttered home offers you the chance to avoid all that in the first place.

Lover or Fighter?
Relationships are complicated as it is. The more clutter that you and your partner, spouse or family exist in the greater the tension everyday that can erode relationships with those you love. Elimination of the clutter and removing those stresses is a great way to never trigger the stresses or fights in the first place. More time as a family , more time as a couple to love the ones your with is a much better way to live.

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